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Remote Support

Why not take advantage of our instant repair service call now

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Onsite Visits

We come out to you at a pre arranged time to fix your issues or assess whether your PC requires a workshop repair.

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Our Workshop

Why not take advantage of our free collection and delivery service.

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We Teach

We can help you with anything you would like to know as we are experienced in most applications or just basic usage.


Our Services

Remote repairs

We offer one off remote sessions, charged at half-hourly intervals. This is a good place to start with most repairs. If th session has to be escallated to either onsite or workshop service then there is no cost for the inital remote service 


Onsite Service

We come out to you at a convenient booked appointment time. where we solve 87% of issues within the first hour again if this has to be escilated to a workshop service the cost is reduced to a half hour.

Workshop Repairs

Workshop Repairs, are reserved for time consuming and where specialized equipment may be required  to carry out the repair and usually comes in with a fixed labour charge we offer a collection and drop off service for £15, which includes unplugging and plugging back in and leaving your PC fit for use.

“We offer help with computer usage or if you require some help with any program that you are struggling with.”

Our Skills

Our team have been working with computers since there infancy and over the years  have found the best way forward with most computer issues we also work as a close knit team and pull from our joint knowledge.

We Pride Ourselves on the service we give.

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