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These three components are the core of any PC and the quality of them determines how well it performs. the CPU is the brain the part that makes all the decisions, the parts of which are number of cores, speed and amount of cache. obviously the more the better with each. Another important thing is the generation as of now the generation of Intel CPU’s is 9th so an up to date cpu will be I3-9xxx, the 9 depicts this the next three digits (xxx) tells us how fast the CPU runs and the initial I3, I5, I7 and I9 tell us how many cores the cpu has.

Ram as long as the speed is as high as the CPU the only thing to worry about is the amount , as ram is the place a program exists when you call it from the hard disk.

The Hard Disk is where programs and documents are stored. again capacity is important but in a modern machine the type is important to.